– 14414 Stewart Lane, Minnetonka, MN –

appt2 appt3 appt1This four-story, 89,000 ft², 289’ by 82’ footprint, upscale apartment building across from Glen Lake Park features Heated underground parking for 53 vehicles and 52 studio to two bedroom residential units with tall ceilings.  The structure also features 19,600 ft² of retail and restaurant space on the first level with surface parking for 160 vehicles.

As structural design engineer, PAI developed the engineering calculations, design development drawings, certified construction drawings and provided on-site inspections during construction. Construction consists of concrete slab-on-grade, pre-cast concrete beams, columns and hollow-core planks for the lower level parking and first level.  CMU walls and wood framing are used above the second level. Construction materials testing and ICC special inspections were also provided by PAI during construction.


Construction Cost:     $9 million

Construction Period:   March 2007 – May 2008