Structural Engineers

Palanisami & Associates offer extensive experience in the design, retrofitting and construction of buildings utilizing precast, post-tension, and cast-in-place concrete along with masonry, steel and wood materials located on piles, caissons or spread footings.


PAI’s structural engineering staff designs structural systems for commercial, institutional, medical, governmental, industrial and residential buildings that range in size from single to multi-story high rises. Systems utilizing structural and architectural wood, special corrosion protection and deep foundations are used.


PAI’s staffs uses the latest Engineering CADD software upgrades and are able to prepare engineering designs and design documents efficiently on our extensive CADD network.


PAI’s structural engineering associates keep abreast of the latest codes and technologies to best address our clients construction challenges with modern, efficient and economical solutions to their building needs.

Mission Statement

Effective control of a project's scope, budget and schedule and understanding the inter-relationship of these three elements largely determine the project's success and overall quality.

Highlighted Projects

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