swamiP. Palanisami, P.E. (a.k.a. Swami)

Owner – President – Structural Engineer


Mr. Palanisami came to the United States of America in 1969 and completed his Masters Degree in Structural Engineering at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota. He has been an engineer since 1970 and has completed thousands of projects across the U.S. from small jobs to $140 million multi-year projects. Minneapolis – Saint Paul International Airport Parking Ramp Expansion


He is the President and Owner of Palanisami & Associates, Inc. and Construction Engineering Laboratory, Inc.  CEL provides services in the areas of quality assurance testing in the field and in the laboratory, including geotechnical, concrete, steel, lumber and masonry.


Mr. Palanisami is a registered Structural Engineer in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin. He has been a registered Structural Engineer in Minnesota since 1975.


With over fifty years experience in structural engineering consulting and design, his background provides him with an excellent understanding of how to transform designs into a functional reality.  As principal project manager, he works with owners, architects, engineers, construction material suppliers, testing agencies, government agencies, labor unions, accountants, attorneys, bonding and insurance companies and banks.


Mr. Palanisami has over thirty years experience in cost estimating, procurement, contract preparation, scheduling and closing out construction contracts.  Sustainable design practices are incorporated into structural design.


Mr. Palanisami has engineered an extensive assortment of building types and has experience with most structural systems.  He also provides consulting engineering services for pre-cast concrete producers in complete building system design and individual component design for handling and in-place loads. He has investigated structurally distressed buildings and has proposed corrective solutions.  In addition, he has worked on numerous old structures as engineer in remodeling the building for new occupancy.


aaronAaron Eckroad, P.E.

Structural Engineer


Mr. Eckroad is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota, 1994. He has B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, 1983.


Mr. Eckroad has over thirty-five years of experience in the design of commercial and industrial buildings utilizing concrete, pre-cast concrete, steel, masonry and dimension lumber as building materials.


His experience includes the preparation of design calculations, structural drawings, review of structural shop drawings, field observations, condition documentation, and writing reports.  He has served one and one half (1 ½) years as resident design and construction observation engineer for Northern States Power, as an employee of PAI.


Mr. Eckroad is knowledgeable in the International Building Code, AISC Design Manual, ACI Building Code, Structural Steel Welding Code and the American Institute of Timber Construction Manual.




mikeMichael L. Deiss, P.E.

Structural Engineer


Mr. Deiss is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota. He has his B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1994 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


Mr. Deiss has over twenty-five years experience as a structural engineer with PAI, and has designed many types of buildings utilizing a wide range of structural systems. Mr. Deiss is experienced in providing service to our clients from the planning phase through construction of all types of projects. He provides engineering design, AutoCAD drafting, shop drawing review, job-site inspections and construction problem-solving.


Mr. Deiss has been directly involved as structural engineer in more than 20 parking ramp survey and rehabilitation projects involving more than ten separate parking structures.  Construction types of these structures includes conventionally reinforced cast-in-place concrete pan and joist, precast double tees, and post-tensioned flat plate and PT slab-and-beam. Mr. Deiss’ responsibilities on these projects have included field surveys, preparation of reports, prioritization of repair recommendations, cost estimating, design of repair details, complete contract document preparation including drawings and specifications, assisting the Owner during the bid phase, shop drawing and product submittal review, and field observations during construction.


In addition, he has been directly involved with the design of several new post-tensioned and precast parking structures, from Schematic through Construction Phases. For several projects, Mr. Deiss acted as the primary representative of PAI as the lead consultant.  Experience in design of new parking structures gives Mr. Deiss an added advantage in investigation and rehab design of existing structures.