– Wausau, WI –

The project consists of a one-story decontamination storage addition of approximately 600 sf. and an expansion of approximately 500 ft² of the emergency entrance.

The decontamination storage addition consists of conventional spread footings, Cast-In-Place concrete foundation walls, CMU exterior walls with EIFS, concrete slab-on-grade, and steel W-beams and metal deck at roof. The expanded emergency entrance consists of new Cast-In-Place foundation walls, new exterior curtain wall braced to existing structure above and new slab-on-grade. Removal of the existing curtain wall at the stair tower at first level was infilled with new CMU wall with EIFS. The existing curtain wall above first level remained as is.

PAI performed engineering calculations and developed certified construction drawings.  PAI also provided shop drawing review and engineering inspections during construction.


Construction Period:   2011