As a result of extensive insight into precast concrete fabrication and erection methods, PAI is well qualified to provide consulting engineering services to the precast concrete producers. See Precast for projects completed by PAI.


PAI in general, provides engineering design for stripping, handling, erection and in-place loads, including necessary erection and fabrication drawings. Having worked with a number of precast producers around the United States, PAI is uniquely qualified in understanding varied fabrication methods and operations.


PAI can assist in the bidding, drawings, fabrication and construction phases of a project, depending on the precaster’s requirements. During the bidding phase, preliminary drawings, framing plans, details for systems and calculations of reinforcements in beams and columns is provided.


After a precaster is selected, the PAI engineer meets at the plant with the precasters staff. At that time, data is collected for form dimensions, stripping procedures, handling capacities, types of inserts, plates, rebar, angles and mesh kept in stock. A schedule is prepared and submittal procedures for drawings and calculations are established.


When preparing drawings, PAI coordinates construction aspects with the contractor, architect and engineer with those trades responsible for items imbedded in the precast and with the precasters job superintendent for erection sequencing. Necessary engineering calculations, fabrication and hardware drawings and cast-in material legends are also prepared.


During construction, PAI makes any drawing revisions necessitated by a deviation from the plans. Items not available when fabrication drawings are being completed must be cleared and checked. The erection sequence is discussed with the job superintendent and specific problems that arise are solved.


Design, erection and fabrication drawings are prepared by PAI for all precast members required in a project. This can include architectural spandrels, sandwich panels, load-bearing wall panels, hollow core slabs, double tees, beams and columns. The firm certifies all of its calculations and drawings and is able to meet specified schedules.


In the November-December 2008 issue of PCI Journal, Palanisami & Associates was featured in an article for a 34-story apartment tower built in 1995 in Jersey City, New Jersey called Tower of America. As precast concrete specialty engineer, Palanisami & Associates was a part of the design and construction of the tower built primarily of precast concrete. Tower of America Photo side view