-Minneapolis, MN-


park22 park1 park3This project consisted of structural design and pre-cast concrete engineering consulting services for a new 56,000 sf, three level, 395 stall, parking ramp for the adjacent Midtown Medical Office Building.



Structural design elements included a 7800 sf interior rain garden to collect and hold storm water from the new parking ramp.

Security systems include 9 vandal resistant cameras, 9 call boxes, monitored recording and printing equipment.


Slab-on-grade concrete foundations hold pre-cast concrete columns, beams, spandrels, T’s and panels which were designed by PAI engineers. On-site erection of pre-cast concrete components included pre-bricked pre-cast columns.

The project used a design-build delivery approach. PAI prepared CAD drawings of framing plan, pre-cast component pieces, connection details, reviewed shop drawings and provided construction administration. The engineering calculations and drawings were certified by PAI.

PAI provided field quality control services, inspections and materials testing during construction.

Construction Cost: $4.2 million
Construction Period: Spring- Fall 2007