– Minneapolis, MN –


Elder’s Community Center at HeritagePark provides an array of services including medical, adult daycare, social and recreational activities. The building also consists of a YMCA at the second level open to the public. The two-story building is approximately 69,500 sf with a parking garage in the basement. A link was built on grade to connect to the Senior Housing and Memory Care Facility.



The foundation system is concrete filled steel pipe piles and concrete pile caps. Concrete foundation walls were built around the perimeter of the building. Construction also consists of concrete columns, concrete beams, precast slabs, steel column, steel beams, steel joists, steel studs, timber posts and beams.



PAI performed engineering calculations and developed certified construction drawings for bidding.  PAI assisted during bidding and has provided inspections during construction.


Construction Cost:    $13.5 million

Construction Period:   2011-March 2012