-St. Paul, MN-

 East Metro photo 1

320,000 sq. ft. bus maintenance and parking facility. This facility has parking space for 185 city buses and the capacity to clean and perform maintenance on up to 200 buses. The second floor office area is 17,000 sq. ft. with space for showers, locker rooms, training and break rooms, and manager offices. Maintenance facilities include both in ground and portable bus lifts, oil change pits and air conditioning service bays. There is also fueling, interior cleaning and exterior and under chassis wash equipment.

The building is located on an odd shaped brown-field site, which required extensive soil cleanup and correction. Four types of construction were incorporated using local suppliers in order to maximize energy efficiency, construction sequencing and scheduling, as well as architectural appeal. Below grade walls are cast in place concrete. Above grade walls are a combination of insulated precast wall panels and masonry.

The roof of the bus storage and maintenance areas are steel bar joists supported by fabricated steel trusses spanning 113 ft. The truss depth was utilized for clerestory windows to allow natural light into these large spaces. Post-tensioned concrete was used over a portion of the maintenance area to allow staff and customer parking on the level of the second story offices.

Construction Period    Spring 2000 – Summer 2001
Construction Cost        $28 million

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